Advice when temps/wind chill -10 to -20 outside
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Thread: Advice when temps/wind chill -10 to -20 outside

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    DefaultAdvice when temps/wind chill -10 to -20 outside

    Here in Maryland, we are expecting extremely cold temps tonight through tomorrow. The air temp will be in the single digits with winds 20-40 mph making the wind chills between -10 and -20 outside, especially tomorrow morning. I am not sure how Chief (3-1/2 yr old chocolate lab) will handle it or react. I need to walk him first thing tomorrow morning so he can go #2 and because he is a really picky pooper, he takes a long time to find the right spot to go #2. I really cant hurry him up unfortunately. I also only have a Ruff Wear type rain jacket which really won't give him much protection from the cold and wind. I dont have any other type of coat for him to use.

    Have any others experienced such cold and windy temps recently with you Lab? Can you give me any advice? Considering they are saying it will only take 10-15 minutes for humans to get frostbite tomorrow, I am worried about Chief and his face and paws mostly. I dont have any booties either.

    I could try putting on one of my smaller sweatshirts or shirts on him, then his rain jacket over that to help keep it tight, but not sure if I should worry about any of that. Am I being too worrisome? I've never experienced extremely cold weather since Ive had Chief and we even havent had these cold temps in 20 years in this area either.

    Thank you in advance.
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    You're worrying too much! It's -20 with windchill here right now (in the sun!!) and my labs would happily stay out there as long as I'd let them. As for pottying... if he doesn't go relatively quickly, bring him in and crate him until you want to try again. He doesn't NEED a long walk to go and over the next day or two, I'd personally make him get over it.

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    I say go potty every time he goes potty. I did this with my other dog Sammy and he would go potty when I told him to go. He would either do #1 or #2 if needed.

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