Switching to adult food advice please!
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Thread: Switching to adult food advice please!

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    DefaultSwitching to adult food advice please!

    Hello everyone! Hope everyone has had a wonderful Christmas!
    Shelby is going to be one year old next month and I am
    Going to switch her to adult food and off of her puppy food per advice
    From her breeder. Does anyone have any good advice
    On the easiest way to switch? I know it has to be mixed
    In and gradually integrated. Just didn't know if there were any tricks
    Or healthy filler foods I should
    Mix in to be easier on Shelby's tummy. Any advice would be appreciated!
    I know this part can sometimes be tricky. Thanks and happy new year! image.jpg

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    I switch Penny over from puppy to adult, as well as changing brands, the other week. Here's how I did it:
    Day one and two: 100% old food, handful new food
    Days three to five: 75% old food, 25% new food
    Days six to eight: 50% old, 50% new
    Days nine to eleven: 25% old, 75% new
    Days twelve to fourteen: 100% new, handful old

    Worked well for me, no issues at all. Also did it this way when switching brands just after we got her and had no issues then.
    I've worked in rescue kennels for 7 years and do it like this whenever switching foods with those dogs and only had a problem with maybe a handful of dogs and it's mostly been that they couldn't tolerate the food because of kennel stress rather than switching too fast.

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