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    As some of you know Cole has had chronic ear infections for the better part of a year. The liquid that was in them is very similar to what Iago describes in his Otitis thread.

    Anyway...I noticed recently (in retrospect) that his ears became especially bad after Diamond changed the recipe for the Kirkland Lamb & Rice food sold at Costco. Cole's been eating that food for almost 4 years. Everytime I'd get his ears cleared up, with a combonation of a Panalog/conofite liquid squirted 2x day into the ears PLUS taking Ketoconazole and Cephalexin with his meals, they would get bad again within 3 weeks. It was pretty frustrating.

    Anyway, the vet and I decided on a 21-day course of the antibiotics followed with a squirt of the Panalog/Conofite once a week. I also changed his diet to the ProPlan Sensitive Skin & Stomach. Salmon is a novel protein for Cole, so I thought it was a good choice.

    Anyway, it has been a little over a month since his ears were treated and we just started his second bag of the ProPlan SS&S...and his ears are terrific. No junk in them whatsoever. Even Belle, who wasn't having ear problems, but I noticed her ears were oilier after the Kirkland recipe change, her ears have become drier.

    I think it is safe to say we licked this sucker! Hopefully this will help anyone else dealing with a similar issue. Treating ear issues is one expensive PITA. I was spending $70 every two months for meds!!

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    DefaultRe: Update on Cole's ears

    YEH!!! I love good results, don't you!! Keeping paws crossed you get through spring without any flareups!!


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