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    On my Vets advice, Max has been on Trifexis for over 18 months. I have noticed that he goes off his feed for a couple days after each dose. Last month, he vomited within an hour of his Trifexis dose.
    A review published of results, experienced in lab testing and owner observations, indicates that vomiting is fairly common. I want to change Max's flea and heartworm medication.
    Anyone out there who has had similar results/problems? What did you change your dogs medications to??

    Max Dad

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    My Reba threw up once after taking her Trifexis pill. I am much more careful now to give it to them on a full stomach as I was directed. So now I wait 1/2 hour after eating and smother it in peanut butter. No experience with them being off their feed.
    I used to use Heartguard and Frontline w/o any problems until the Frontline stopped working and we had a nasty flea problem.

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    Never used Trifexis. I have been using Heartguard and never had any problems. And for flea and tick we now use Seresto. Its good for 8 months and Sabbath has never had a flea or tick on him yet. We used to use Frontline and we had to reapply it every 3 weeks. And it still did not work all that well. I asked the vet about that and they told me that Frontline no longer works all that well anymore. So the vet recommended Seresto and it works great.

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    Been using trifexis on all 4 dogs over the past few years. A full tummy should be good. My cats are on comfortis and I
    Have to split into 2 doses am/pm or vomit happens. Some just have sensitive tummies.

    Note I also do the peanut butter thing, my lab who loves even lettuce won't eat them without it!

    Forever in our hearts Jake

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    Recently changed to Sentinel from Trifexis. Had the same problem with vomiting even given on a full tummy, then wouldn't want to eat for a couple of days. It works for some dogs, but mine didn't tolerate it at all. My other 2 were on Heartguard and never had a problem.

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    If Trifexis don't work then go for another options, but on fully dummy its good. Max is new for it and he can't adjust with it, His body structure is different so don't do force fully go for another choice.

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