Elbow Dysplasia "rest and watch"
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Thread: Elbow Dysplasia "rest and watch"

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    DefaultElbow Dysplasia "rest and watch"

    I put a post up before with advice on Scrub's diagnosis of elbow dysplasia, but now I have a more specific question for everyone.* Does anyone know of a dog diagnosed with elbow dysplasia as a puppy that did not have surgery and recovered from it?*

    Here is the rundown of the elbow dysplasia diagnosis:
    Scrubs, my 1 y/o chocolate female lab was diagnosed with "degenerative joint disease of the right elbow, likely FCP" 3 weeks ago. She had been limping for about a week when i took her to my vet who put her on a week of rimadyl and rest which seemed to make things better (we thought she had just hurt it playing with another dog, since that was when she had the acute onset of limping). after stopping the rimadyl she started limping again for about a week, at which time my vet reccomended i see an ortho vet.
    I saw the ortho vet about 2 weeks later (during which time she really did not limp any; but she was on "limited activity"). the ortho vet then made the above diagnosis based on his exam and x-rays.
    His treatment plan 1 month of rest and then reevaluation.
    So, as i have done more research it sounds like if the diagnosis is correct that surgery is really the only "cure".* But i am definitely open to suggestions, stories, etc.

    Any advice, experience, suggestions, etc would be greatly appreciated.
    And just for everyone's general info/comparison/hopefully good news, how about those dogs with elbow dysplasia that did have surgery and their outcome.

    Keith & Scrubs

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    DefaultRe: Elbow Dysplasia "rest and watch"

    I have a 4 year old mix breed that was diagnosed with elbow dysplasia when she was younger. Let's just say she has mostly good days. Every now and then she may limp for a couple of days, but for the most part she does ok. My vet never suggested surgery, I suppose hers is not a very bad case. She is on supplements, and i do find since she is on it the flare ups are far and few between.

    Good luck with yours. I hope she can avoid surgery, but if not hopefully she'll do great with it.


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