Hi there -

On Saturday I adopted a 2 year old Chocolate Lab (Duke) from a rescue. When I picked him up I noticed quite a few thin patches of hair on him. Fast forward, he had his first vet visit last night and he is in GREAT shape except for.....Sarcoptic Mange.

He was given a injection of Ivermectin to be followed with another injection is 2 1/2 weeks. He's also now on Prednisone and and antibiotic to combat any infections he may have from scratching himself to shreds (poor guy!!).

Aside from the anger I feel towards the vet who looked at this wonderful dog before he was released for rescue and their clear disregard for his well being and the well being of other dogs (10 in total) that were rescued that day, I'm growing increasingly frustrated that I can't find the info I want online.

I know how to treat the dog with his meds. What I want to know is, once the meds are working, how do I break the cycle so he doesn't just end up re-infected?

I know to wash his bedding, collar etc in HOT water but I guess what I'm wondering is, do that now (?) and for how long (?). I certainly don't want this poor to be a miserable itchy mess forever. Should I panic now and wash & clean every day?

Also, any suggestions on how to get these little buggers out of the house? The CDC says foggers are a waste and suggest a Permethrin spray instead.

Has anyone else gone through this?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Tabby Ayn