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    Hello Forum,

    I have placed a deposit with a local Breeder for my Lab Puppy. They are 4 weeks old right now and will stay with mom until 8 weeks old.

    These puppies are White Labs. One of the puppies, the one my wife and kids like the most, has a pink nose (which I was told by the breeder is an uncommon thing). He also feels like he weighs slightly less then his brother and seems to have some sort of congestion that the breeder said was just temporary allergies. This pink nosed pup also had no fur on the last inch tip of his tail (was told due to the other puppies biting his tail). The black nosed mail puppy has none of these issues.

    I like both puppies, I respect that my wife likes the pink nosed one more, but I really wanted to check with someone to make sure that these symptoms that we observed were not signs of something that could be a more serious or on-going issue.

    Thank you all for your help!

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    I note a couple of red flags. First, labs come in three colors: yellow, chocolate, and black. No reputable breeder would sell them as 'white' (they are technically yellow, which varies in shade). Second, poor pigment (ie the pink nose) is just that. poor pigment. Unfortunately it's not rare and no reputable breeder would try to convince a buyer of that. Third, four weeks is too young for respiratory allergies. I suspect it may be something more serious. Additionally, have the parents been tested for genetic diseases, such as hip dysplasia, PRA, etc.? To be honest, I would strongly recommend that you find another breeder or you could very well wind up spending way more in vet bills that will make the loss of the deposit seem like a drop in the bucket.

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    I think you need to find a different breeder. First of all, there is no such thing as a 'white' Labrador. There are there colours; yellow, black and chocolate. A yellow Lab can range in colour from pale yellow/white to fox red. But they are all yellow and a breeder worth his salt won't be trying to sell a 'white' lab as something special or price it higher than a regular yellow. A reputable breeder will have dogs who are worthy of breeding. That is they are proven in conformation rings or hunt/field events (or both). Anything else is a sign of a backyard breeder - someone who is breeding for money and not the betterment of the breed.

    I would encourage you to walk away from this breeder, contact your local Labrador Retriever club for a list of reputable, recommended breeders and give them your support.

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