Hi all it's been years since I have been active I guess b/c it was hard for me to talk about Labs after the heartache of losing my boy Jake.

Anywho, it's been 2 years and 7 days and we have a full home! We still have our Choc Lab Bailey 8.5 going on 3 and GD rescue Jasmin 3.5, and a 16 week old Blue GD Dakota!

So, over this time we have seen Bailey grow in anxiety signs and we decided to wait until his next annual visit since other than this he is the picture of health. We made the move to Clomicalm today for him and I am hoping it works, we tried the pet remedy, the treats that are for calming which I swear made him more anxious!

I am just posting to see if anyone has experience? I tried searching Clomicalm but no results in health forum.

I understand it can take close to 4 weeks for results, but the vet said we could possibly see results in a week or 2, anyone with experience??

Thanks for any info!