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    Hello, we got calvin a few months back he is a 1.5 year old black lab. He is about 85 pounds and healthy until now.

    He recently started to have trouble pooping. He will normally whin in his cage at around 6:30 everyday when I get up and let him out. I let him go in the same spot everyday and then I put him back to bed till my wife gets up later as I normally leave for work. Well for the past week or so when I take him out he wont poop. When I put him back in his cage he whines more like he is about to die. Later when he would finally poop it would be pretty hard first couple feces and then the last one or two would be really runny.

    I thought he might be constipated since he isn't going when he clearly needs to, but the vet said not only is he not constipated but that he had diarrhea? How could this be, I didn't have time to ask a lot of questions since a bad case came in shortly after me and she had to go. I started giving him the pills she prescribed but he seems to still be having the same problems. Anyone ran into this kind of stuff before? Do dogs not poop when they have diarrhea?

    Thanks for some help

    Side note we havn't changed his food in 2 months and havn't been giving him anything different for sometime as well. His schedule is pretty regular.

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    What are you feeding him?

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