I am new here,..need a little help,severe Arthritis
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Thread: I am new here,..need a little help,severe Arthritis

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    DefaultI am new here,..need a little help,severe Arthritis

    Hi everyone,
    I am new here and was hoping to get some insight on what's happening with my 9 y/o black lab Herc.To get straight to the issue,...his moderate arthritis in his left front elbow has in the past week gone to what I would consider severe!!.He can barely walk,scream's in pain...once we settle him down he seems to be ok.We have been to the vet twice this week,he is now on Mitacam and tramadol,...for about week,really not sure it is helping any.This is quite unexpected,we knew he had arthritis,..but this severity just has caught us completely offguard. Does anyone have any similar experiences or advice on what to do?...like everyone on this forum,we adore our dog,.....just trying to get the best options for him..
    Todd and Sue(and of course herc)

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    What did the vet say caused the change? I had my first lab on Synflex Synflex - Liquid Glucosamine for Osteoarthritis and it worked so well, I wished I done it much much sooner. This sounds like something happened though that changed it from moderate to severe - temperature? Exercise? Hug Herc for me. It's tough when they're hurting!!

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    It does seem awful sudden but as mentioned weather plays a big roll in arthritis. Here is info on natural supps you can try if the vet meds are not helping.

    Our Beloved Canine Seniors – Arthritis/Joint Issues | Hearty Pet Talkin' Tails Blog

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