Hi Everyone-
I just want to share a success story concerning the correction of my Grover's ectopic ureter and recommend the veterinarians that helped him. Grover (14 months old presently) was diagnosed via ultrasound with one ectopic ureter. All of his bedding is a dark color so I didn't notice the small spots of urine until I started to suspect something and switched to putting white sheets on everything and really started watching. He didn't dribble constantly; no more than a teaspoon and only when sleeping. He sometimes had a little bit of an odor but I chalked it up to splashing when he lifted his leg and he keeps himself very clean.
When the internist; Dr Tanya Donovan at Cascade Veterinary Referral Center in Portland told me the results of the ultrasound, I thought she was giving us a death sentence because of the research I had done. Luckily, we could not have been in better hands! Dr Tim McCarthy, the surgeon there has been doing the ectopic ureter corrective surgery for roughly 25 years and was one of the pioneers of the arthroscopic version that uses a laser; which has a much higher success rate. Dr Donovan spent so much time explaining things and answering my many questions and I felt completely comfortable. Grover had the corrective surgery, was neutered at the same time and is now completely dry! Often, I am told, this condition comes with other congenital defects that make it hard to correct this condition-especially in females, but Grover was lucky.
That is the abbreviated version of the story, but I wanted to share some hope.
By the way; insurance covered EVERYTHING. I chose a policy that covers congenital conditions as long as the symptoms weren't there before coverage started and in G's case, it took me almost a year to realize there was a problem. The vets all said that males can have it but often don't show symptoms because their anatomy is different from females (I'm trying to keep this short).
Anyway, I wanted to share our happy story and express my gratitude to the doctors that helped us out and to this forum as a resource.


Wendy and Grover