Neuter surgery complications?
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Thread: Neuter surgery complications?

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    DefaultNeuter surgery complications?

    Hey everyone, I just had my puppy neutered 10 days ago, October 4. His name is Theo and he is about 5 months old. The day he had surgery, he seemed to be doing very well. He was sleepy, but was excited to be home and seemed fine. The next day, I gave him his pain medication as the vet told me. He then started having diarrhea. It wasn't just loose stool either. It was very runny, almost like water. He was having to go about 4-5 times a day even though I hadn't been feeding him as much.

    I ended up having to take him back to the vet the next day anyways as he had chewed a stitch out. (He figured out how to maneuver his e-collar to chew on the stitches). They gave him a bigger e-collar, said the incision had stayed closed despite him chewing the stitch out and told me to stop the pain medication and that then the diarrhea should stop within a couple days.

    By Friday, October 11, he was still having diarrhea and even had it so bad that he went in his crate while I was out. I called the vet back and they said that since he was eating and drinking normally and had his usual energy, that I should stop food for 24 hours and see if it helped. Well it did. By Friday evening, he was already having firm stool. Saturday morning, I started back with a half portion of food. He still had normal stool into Saturday evening. I fed him slightly more than half his usual food Saturday evening and then by Sunday morning he was back to having runny stool. It wasn't as bad as before, but it was definitely not his usual firm stool. Now, today, it seems to be getting worse again and is super runny.

    I had believed that it was a combination of the pain medication and the stress from not getting his usual high exercise level. But he has been back to his usual exercise/activity since Friday. I'm pretty sure he is working on losing some more of his baby teeth, so I don't know if that has anything to do with it as well. He has been eating the same food since he was about 12 weeks old, so I don't think it is the food.

    Has anyone experienced anything like this after a neuter surgery? I am planing to call the vet in the morning to see what they say now, but I just wanted to see if anyone else had any suggestions or answers for me.


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    The diarhea is most likely from the teething and nothing else. Worst case, bring a stool sample to the vet.

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