There are quite a few threads out there on the Internet, about OCD so I thought I want to share my experience and maybe help someone with a dog with OCD.
My Lab Jake was diagnosed in his left shoulder when he was 6 months old, apparently a typical age for OCD to start. My first vet didn't diagnose him properly but put him on pain killers which stopped Jake limping but lured me into a false sense of security, thinking he was fine. But the lameness started again, very intermittently and especially after he was allowed off the lead. Luckily someone (bless her!) recommended a different vet who diagnosed OCD through x rays. We talked about different options for Jake, including an operation. But my vet suggested to try first a very strict exercise regime. He advised against an immediate operation mentioning that once a joint has had an operation arthritis is more likely to affect it, and at an earlier age. So Jake was allowed only a ten minute walk once a day (and only on the lead), then twice a day and so on. My vet didn't give Jake painkillers as he thought he and I might overdo the exercise if I thought he was fine as he wouldn't have been limping. I had to start keeping him in a crate when I wasn't at home, to reduce the risk of him jumping up sofas etc. It was a hard time, for both of us. Whenever I went out I felt very guilty but I couldn't take him if it meant walking for more than ten minutes. After a while he was allowed twenty minutes twice a day and so on. After about 8 months he was completely fine and has had a great quality of life, with day-long walks off the lead, not limping once! My vet also has been very strict with Jake being kept on the slim side, which I always did and Jake gets lots of compliments on our walks, how fit and healthy he looks. Only this year, just before his 9th birthday, did he start showing light signs of arthritis in his shoulder, after a longish walk and a rest afterwards, getting up a bit more stiffly than before. But I guess that has to be expected in a 9 year old Labrador, even without OCD. He will be 10 in April and is still as lively as a puppy (only his grey beard gives him away), as long as I don't walk him for longer than about 1,5 hours.