What's your advise about age to have puppy spayed?
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Thread: What's your advise about age to have puppy spayed?

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    QuestionWhat's your advise about age to have puppy spayed?

    I thought I would post this question to see what good advice I could get from this excellent forum. Vet says 6 months but I was wondering if there was any advantages of waiting? I did find some threads about the pros and cons for have a male dog neutered but nothing about females that I could find! My female black lab will be 5 months old next week and I thought I would just throw that question out there so I could start thinking about my choices, I did have my first female yellow lab spayed at 6 months only because the vet said it would slow her down a little, but I think it did the exact opposite! Thanks guys for any advice you may have!

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    Personally I have just gone through this debate with my vet, I have decided to wait as I felt 6 months was very early, in fact my vet wanted to spay at 5 1/2 months, I read up on the pros and cons and there seems to be more cons to be totally honest about getting a dog spayed before having seasons. such as increased risk of bone cancer, urinary incontinence ect... if you google it there are loads of good articles to read, so its really your choice at the end of the day, I do know someone who had their dog spayed early with no adverse effects but that doesn't mean all will be as lucky. When I asked my vet to give me the pros for spaying young all she could say was it eradicates the risk of mammary cancer, but after one season it only increases to 8%. Having previously had 2 females who were never spayed and never developed mammary cancer I felt that it was not enough of a reason to rush in to getting my girl spayed. As far as I can see the spaying young seems to be a way vets are trying to deal with unwanted pups and overpopulation. Look online and make an informed decision for you and your dog.

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    Use the forum's search feature and you will find tons of free advice that has been offered up by long-time members over the years. That's what made this place so great.

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