Murphy - Hacking Episodes & Other Freaky Issues
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Thread: Murphy - Hacking Episodes & Other Freaky Issues

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    DefaultMurphy - Hacking Episodes & Other Freaky Issues

    Hey All, It's been awhile since I last posted so I hope everyone and their pups are doing well. I am writing in hopes of picking your brain and using your expertise to help identify what has been going on with Murphy. So Murphy woke me up last Friday night and scared the crap out of me because it seemed like he was doing a combination of choking, vomiting, and having trouble breathing. I was able to record a tiny bit of it but since it is at night you will really only be able to hear him.(attached as zip file) Anyways, I immediately took him to the vet the next morning and they diagnosed him with Kennel Cough and put him on a whole host of medications as follows:

    Clavamox (1 pill 2X a day)
    Guaifenesin Cough Pills (2 pills 3x daily)
    Acepromazine (10mg- 1 pill as needed)

    This on top of his 70 mg of Fluoxetine (prozac) every morning for fear based aggression. Murphy's dog walker has been monitoring him closely and disagrees with the vet's diagnosis (he is obviously not a vet but has extensive experience with dogs including boarding, daycares where kennel cough was prevalent). So last night, Murphy had another little episode. As I was getting into bed I gave Murphy a small treat which he ate. Immediately he jumped up and ran out of the room. When I found him hiding he was licking frantically and again seemed as if he was choking or that something was wrong. After about 20 minutes he barked at the door so I took him outside. He immediately dragged me to the nearest grass and went to town. I know that this usually means that their belly is really hurting and they are trying to either settle it or force themselves to throw up. In any event, I monitored him closely for Bloat or any other signs of serious issues for the remainder of the night but he was OK and even went searching for food. He ate both his breakfast and dinner today, has had normal poops, and is drinking water regularly. I called the vet about last night and got some vague response that it as the meds and to put him on a bland diet, ignoring the fact that this was a one time episode and he has since gone back to normal.

    Lastly, I came home tonight and saw Murphy chewing on his hind leg. I took a closer look and found a sizable bump (picture attached). With all of the symptoms above and now this, I am starting to think that he may have some form of tick-borne illness. I have an appointment with his current vet on Thursday (first one available) and am trying to get him into a different vet tomorrow but I wanted to post and see if anyone had any insight.

    Sorry for the long- winded post. Murphy has definitely helped me through a lot and I hate to see him sick or having issues so I do my best to take care of him and make sure he get the best treatment possible. This has freaked me out the last couple of days and I am hoping that you all can provide some direction or ideas. The vet immediately said kennel cough and did not test for anything else (nor will they really hear me out) so I am hoping to walk in there with a list of testing that I want completed ASAP.

    Thanks in advance. Let me know if I can answer any questions that may help. Greatly appreciate all of you!
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