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    DefaultPlease reply as soon as possible


    My 6 months old lab puppy was barking well. But now i don't know what happened to him, his barking voice is very very lean and thin. I saw in the website the reason is,Laryngeal paralysis
    problem. I am getting very scared, Please tell me remedies for that problem. Is it curable or not? Without any surgery can we recover him. Please help me as soon as possible. Eagerly i am waiting for your reply.

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    I have no experience with LP. I suggest you take your pup to the vet asap since you don't know the reason for this change. Has he been coughing? Wonder if kennel cough could cause loss of voice? I have not had a case of KC so not sure. If you suspect KC be sure and tell the vet when you make the appointment because it is contagious.

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    If it were my dog, I would run him to the vet as soon as possible.

    J.R. and June

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