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    Unfortunately we have been told by our vet that our Chocolate Lab, Izzy needs TPLO surgery. I met a person walking their Lab in our local park and her Lab had had the surgery. She recommended a dr Moody or Maude?? in Barrie, Ontario. Does anyone out there know about him? If not can you recommend a vet surgeon who specializes in TPLO?



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    I can't recommend anyone as I don't live there. I wanted to say I am sorry and my chocolate girl had it late last year and doing very well.

    I would say if your friend recommended someone then I would perhaps go and see him. Whomever you see I would do exactly as they advise. Each dog is different and there are many opinions with the rehab.

    Good thoughts coming.

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    When you get to a veterinary ortho surgeon, discuss TTA as an alternative to TPLO. It is an easier surgery on the dog. It has worked amazingly well for HK. The vet told me that which way to go often depends on the weight and structure of the dog.
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