Gus does not drink water
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Thread: Gus does not drink water

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    DefaultGus does not drink water

    I've been around dogs most of my life and I've never seen a dog that has no interest in drinking water. When we first got him he did not drink a lot. Out previous lab would down an entire bowl of water at the time. So, I am concerned about his water intake. I did ask the vet and he is not at all concerned....mainly he will drink when he is thirsty. Well he doesn't. I have tried this and his urine output goes way down and it is extremely yellow. That is when I decide to encourage him to drink by adding stuff to his water. Oh, he LOVES this part. He will drink if I add chicken broth and I know it has too much sodium....or if I add peanut butter - this does not work as well because he only drinks what is necessary to get the pb off the bowl - I smear it on the bowl just under the water line and in trying to lick it off he has to get water, this morning I tried adding just a bit of apple juice and he actually drank some of it. We are talking that with all this addition his water intake is less than 3 cups per day. Any ideas on what the heck is wrong with him. He is perfectly healthy as far as I know but I am worried about this.

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    My dog Nibbs is not quite to that extent but he sure does not drink nearly as much as my previous Lab rocky did. I also try to encourage him to drink and he will but he does not drink a lot.

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    Java is like that....she doesn't drink much water at all. Unless it is from the
    Moka drinks tons of water.

    I just add extra water to Java's breakfast and dinner tom compensate a little.

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    Maxx drinks a ton, Emma very little. I also add water to meals to compensate but Emma can be a picky eater too. Sometimes I wonder how she maintains.
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    You can get low and no sodium broth. Did you try changing bowls? Are you providing nice, cool, fresh water? Mine prefer old, stale, warm water. They choose the pail sitting out on the deck in the sun every time and even ask to go out and drink there. Try leaving the water to sit around?

    You can mix water with the kibble too.

    Really yellow urine doesn't sound that great to me but I don't know if it's as much a concern with dogs as with people.

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    Bauer only likes to drink out of stainless steel bowls. If I put down a plastic bowl, he will sniff it but won't drink.

    He also isn't a big water drinker, but he must get enough. I do add water to his kibble, and he drinks a fair amount after exercising. Throughout the day though, he doesn't drink much at all.
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    Does he like ice? Maybe give him ice and/or put some in his water bowl. Todd loves to get ice out of the water bowl. I also add water to his food.
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    Abby is not a big water drinker either.

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    Gems didn't drink much so I soaked her kibble in water for one feed. When Kass was sick she often didn't drink much so I took her for walks and she seemed to drink more then. I also use plain chicken broth with the fat taken off it mixed in with their water. I put it into little ice containers and threw one into the bowl each morning. Both mine love this treat in the summer.

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    Marley my lab drinks water like no tomorrow, my other dog drinks minimally. Had not thought of some of the ideas mentioned here.

    It is really easy to make your own chicken stock. I use my pressure cooker so it is quicker. I buy chicken carcass's if I have none left from roast chicken. Just add whatever veggies roughly chopped. I normally add onion, garlic, although you wouldn't add onion if it was for your dog, carrots, celery, whatever I have. Cook for awhile, strain, use. Much nicer then any commercial variety. You can use old withered veggies that you would not eat.

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