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    DefaultPositive for Giardia!!

    I'm new to this forum and so far I love it.
    I have two labs, a black lab named Piston who will be 2 yrs in January, and a yellow lab named Oakley who will make a 1 yr in December.

    Over the past week Piston had been experiencing large amounts of diarrhea and vomitting off and on not even every day and also "heaving" with just her saliva coming up. I took her into the vet yesterday and she did test positive for Giardia, I was told to put her on a liquid diet(1 can Campbells Chicken and Rice and 1 can Chicken Broth) for 3 days. She was also given DiaGel to help with the diarrhea which is working. She was also given Flagyl and she is to take 1 tab twice a day for 5 days. After all this is said and done you wouldn't even be able to tell anything would be wrong with her, she is my normal happy loving Piston.

    She has been handling and the medicines and liquid diet extremely well!
    Last night I took both my girls outside to go potty before we were off to bed, watched them the whole time everything was fine, come inside and Piston starts this "heaving" process again so I rush her back outside and see her struggling to hack this saliva up. After I see that she had hacked it up she completely collapsed, my first thought was she was having a seizure, I ran to her care said her name quietly and calmly(as calm as I could be) while petting her. As soon as I got to her and pet her a few times she got up and ran inside and grabbed a toy and started playing tug of war with Oakley like nothing had ever happened.

    Being in the medical field I instantly started looking up side effects of the medicines she has been given and seeing if those could have caused her incident to happen, didn't come up with anything. I then thought maybe due to her heaving and struggling to hack up her saliva her airways became obstructed and fainted due to not enough oxygen getting to her lungs. Went through a sleepless night, with everything being perfectly fine.

    I called the vet this morning as soon as they opened and spoke with the vet and he did say that there wouldn't be a side effect to her medications, and he believes my thought of her airways being obstructed was correct. I was instructed to have her take her Flagyl once a day for 2-3 days then start back to twice a day, as well as adding a medicine to help with her vomitting.

    I guess my question is, is my thought process of this all correct?
    My girls are my life, they get the world and always will, my fiance and I don't have kids yet but Piston and Oakley are our kids at this moment.

    Both of them are on a special protein diet due to allergies, they get Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Grain Free Sweet Potato and Venison, with what I just started tonight 2 tablespoons of 100% pure pumpkin. However, Piston has not started the pumpkin due to her liquid diet.

    Please any suggestions anyone may have my ears are open!
    Thank you for your help and concern in my girls!!

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    I have never dealt with Giardia, thank goodness, but there are many threads on the forum about it. If you just put "Giardia" in to the search area it will bring up lots of info. I know there is another med that many prefer, I am sorry I font remember the name. I have never heard of feeding this liquid diet, boiled chicken and rice, absolutely but not this soup concoction. I do know that it often takes a longer course of medication to get rid of Giardia. I would worry taking your dog off any meds would just cause this to go on for longer.
    I hope you can get your girl straighted out asap. I hate when they don't feel well and they can't talk to tell us how they feel.
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