Max is vomiting and refusing to eat
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Thread: Max is vomiting and refusing to eat

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    DefaultMax is vomiting and refusing to eat

    So yesterday morning, after I gave Max his usual portion of dry food and went to school, my dad sent me a message saying that Max started vomiting. When I came home he seemed fine and he was acting completely normal, running around and full of energy. Dad told me he vomited twice, the other time it was only water. I saw that he didn't even touch the rice that my dad gave him. He never refused food, EVER. He would eat anything. I was really worried so I took him to the vet. He said he has a high temperature and that he drinks much water. He gave him three shots, it was vitamins, something for temperature and I don't know what the third one was. He suspected it's because of a tick (?) but in the end he didn't say what it was. He said that hr must only eat cooked food (rice, chicken...) and to call him immidiately if he vomits again. It happened and the veterinarian said to come again today asap. My dad took him and he gave him another shot and said that we should come again in the afternoon.
    I'm really scared, Max seems to be getting really tired, he is still refusing to eat and I don't know what to do. I'm sitting here keeping myself from crying my eyes out.
    Max is about 2 years old, I found him a year ago in the street.

    Does anyone have any idea what it is and can I do anything to help him?

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    It could be many things. He could have an upset digestive tract. Jack's had that once or twice and he ended up vomiting everywhere for a couple of days. Your vet is the best bet now and you're already doing that.

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    Has your vet done any blood work? Your vet can keep giving him shots but if he doesn't find out the reason behind Max being sick. Is Max drinking water so he doesn't become dehydrated? I hope you find out what is going on and that Max feels better soon.

    Our Bailey just had a bought with very loose stool, something going on with his stomach. His vet gave him probiotic to help with his stomach he was sick yesterday morning but ok after diner last night but didn't want to eat today so he is off to the vet this afternoon. Might be some kind of stomach bug going around?
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    Todd had a bad bout w/ a stomach thing last week. He was vomiting every time he ate and had severe diarrhea(with blood in it). I thought he may have had an obstruction, but he didn't. The vet gave him subcu fluids, a Cerenia injection, a Famotidine injection and let him come home with Proviable paste and capsules (probiotic) and Metronidazole (antibiotic). He is doing much better, still has loose stools. Don't be too concerned with your dog not eating at this point. They can go a long time without food. Todd could not have anything to eat for 24 hours. The instructions said NO food for 24-48 hours. He was no longer vomiting so I started a bland diet of boiled chicken breast and rice - small amounts (like 1/4 of a cup) every 4 hours after 24 hrs. He went to the vet on Thursday and I just started mixing his food back in w/ the chicken and rice yesterday evening. It was really scary, but hopefully your vet will get Max straightened out.
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