Koda is sick need suggestions
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Thread: Koda is sick need suggestions

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    ExclamationKoda is sick need suggestions

    Koda is now 5 months old. Yesterday at about 4:30 pm I accidentally overfed him by a bit, but I didn't think much about it. He started vomiting a lot, he was gassy and his burps smelled like poop. I was up with him all night as he kept vomiting into the morning.
    I brought him to the vet this morning and he said it was most likely a stomach flu and he was given an IV, metronidazole, and floren(something, can't remember the name).
    He instructed me to feed him boiled rice and hamburger or chicken around 6pm and said if he doesn't improve I have to take him in for X-rays to see if there's a blockage.
    I got Koda home and he vomited 3 more times up till around 4pm. I've been giving him water throughout this, only little bits.
    At about 7 pm I gave him the rice and hamburger and so far it's stayed down.
    My concern is, now he won't eat at all (its midnight) and he's not drinking much. I've been using a syringe to squirt water into his mouth so he doesn't get dehydrated. He's really lethargic and appears to be weak, but no vomiting.
    He's peed about 6-7 times in this whole time, and if you've seen my previous post about him, you'd know this dog is always peeing. He also hasn't pooped since a tiny little turd this morning.
    Does this sound like an obstruction/blockage or a stomach flu? Or does it seem like something else?
    He has had all his shots as well, so as much as it could be parvovirus, I'd like to think that it can't be that cause he's up to date on shots including the parvovirus one.
    Please help, I'm extremely worried.

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    I would go to the e-vet for an X-ray to rule out a blockage ASAP. I would always rather be safe than sorry. A puppy that lethargic and not drinking can really get in trouble fast and nay need some fluids. I hope all is ok.
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