Declaw her?, or put her down?? - please help!
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Thread: Declaw her?, or put her down?? - please help!

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    DefaultDeclaw her?, or put her down?? - please help!

    We bought sister pups three years ago - maybe four. THEIR name is Patricia, which breaks into Patty and Trisha.

    Earlier on, Trisha was the more cosmetically perfect - whiter with the darker nose/detailing. Patty started as the greater behaviorial challenge, but she's grown to be nearly as perfectly behaved as Trisha's always been. Patty might actually be the smarter of the two; er, maybe conniving would be a better word. Trisha is calmer, more confident - the wiser big sister.

    Trisha became a problem at about one year old - it's escalated to where we've been expecting that we'll need to put her down. But maybe declawing her is an option? We've had her to a few vets - over and over and we can't afford more no-answer visits.

    Whatever it is that Trisha has happening, it is NOT contageous; else, Patty and our other critters would have symptoms by now, too. And we've ruled out allergy - we believe. The poor dog gets on her itchy kicks and completely rips out hair all over her body, inviting scabs, fruit flies and more scratching. We have her on a regimen on every-other-day, no-soap baths, which gives her spells where she seems to improve. We long-ago gave up on every "will-help" external ointment that we could try.

    We've done food changes, including people-food ONLY diets, backed by our buying her a meat grinder.

    The 'girls' have their own enclosed 1/4 acre yard. When we're out and able to supervise, they have bigger space, including their own, private 2 and 1/2 acre swimming pool. Patty swims constantly, even if she's got to break through winter ice to do so. Trisha lost interest in line with when her symptoms began - she's like an itch and scratch until it bleeds old lady.

    Trisha is such a wonderfully behaved good dog and we don't want to have to put her down, but she's clearly suffering and her scratching is making it worse. Visitors think Trisha is Patty's near-death great-grandmother.

    We're saddened for Trisha and we're hoping that his posting might find her answer,

    Thx much for reading and any wisdom that we might learn here, please,

    Gary and Dan

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    Have you had allergy testing done?

    And as an afterthought, because your post really bothered me, you can't declaw a dog. If you found a vet that would entertain such a barbaric idea you need to run in the other direction. I will stop there.
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    How horrible for you and especially her! This makes me so sad. I wish I had some wonderful advice but I bet someone will at least point you in a better direction. In the mean time I will certainly be praying for you and your girl.

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    Please get her to a reputable dermatology/allergy vet ASAP.

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    Poor girl.t is so hard seeing them uncomfortable.

    What do the vets say it is? I rescued an allergy itchy yeasty dog and she has cost me a fortune in vet bills and meds. The vet and I have worked together and we have got her about as good as we may get her. There are many things you can do and as each dog is different it is trial and error to work out what suits your dog best.

    We bath her in Melaseb from the vet to stop the itching. You can use things like cider vinegar and water to wipe them down.
    I started an elimination diet with fish only. Then added other things leaving at least 2-3 weeks between. If you do an elimination diet you can't feed any other thing. Not even a crumb or other food. Tess ate 4 little bit of corn and I thought only small it will be ok. She itched for days. Tess can have fish, above ground vegetables and tapioca. Anything else she will rip her skin to bits.

    She has gone from 2 Prednisone a day with other meds and twice weekly baths to 1/2 Pred every other day and no other meds or baths. She is a different dog. She has allergies to food and environmental. All her bedding is cotton, cotton collar and all washed regularly and put outside in the sun.

    I know you don't want to see a vet again, and after spending thousands on Tess do understand, but think you may need some meds to get her over the hump. It has taken the vet and I a long time to work out Tessas triggers, and how far we can drop her Pred down to. I hate Pred, but if we can keep it at a low dose and help her then this is what she will have. My vet says give it as soon as she starts to itch and it will break the cycle. Made sense so do that it she is feeling so much better. Ernie was on Pred for 5-6 years and did fine.

    Sorry so long.

    ETA. If Tess isn't dried off very well she will itch again. For her wet fur is the worst thing.
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    Just for the record, you should not declaw a cat, let alone a dog. Declawing is in fact amputation of the last toe joint. It can result in lifelong pain and misery for the cat. Yes, sometimes it works, but you never know ahead of time if your cat will be the one for whom it doesn't work.

    I have an allergy dog who is successfully treated with Atopica. Has your Vet not tried Benadryl or Reactine? Tougher cases usually respond to prednisone. Prednisone long term can have nasty side effects and Atopica is generally thought to be a lesser evil than Prednisone.

    How did you rule out allergy? It sounds like atopic dermatitis. My boy is not allergic to food at all. He's fine all winter, only itches in summer. His allergy is seasonal and environmental. A special shampoo does help him but not enough. Thorough rinsing with a vinegar/ water mix also helps but is short lived. Other home remedies that help some are Epsom salts and oatmeal baths.

    Bathing every second day with a special shampoo may not be damaging but the key thing is, are you drying her thoroughly with a blow dryer? And then you have to watch out the dryer is not too drying to her skin. It's really a vicious circle.

    I'd really like to know what Vet consults you've done and what your Vet has suggested? Maybe another Vet, a specialty Dermatology Vet as others suggested, is in order. You don't say anyone has suggested Prednisone which I find baffling as it is a pretty common first course of action. Short term Prednisone is ok. Long term not so.

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    It sure sounds like the seasonal allergies my last dog had. If left untreated all kinds of secondary infections occurred. Once we got them under control, we began to watch for symptoms of a flare up and treatment became much easier when started at first signs. My dog had to use Prednisone (cheap) for a week, and antibiotics for the infections and medicated baths.
    Your dog needs to see a vet now. There are many treatment available without declawing (I never heard of such a thing for a dog, and just how would THAT stop the itching) Your poor dog cannot enjoy anything until this gets under control.

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    If she has environmental allergies (which is what this sounds like), living outdoors is the worst thing for her. She will never get any relief.

    Is she receiving an antihisitimine or have you tried treating her with an antihisitimine daily?
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    Spectrum Labs--send blood for both food and environmental allergies. It isn't cheap but I have had three dogs who had problems and their test results made sense.

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    Declaw! A Dog, Are you serious??? I wouldn't even do it to a cat. Cruel and not safe for any animal.

    I know allergies are probably the issue here, but this reminds me of a cat I had. She was stray, not sure of her first year of her life, but must have been rough. She was very small for her age, nervous, but very friendly. She was long haired, and would chew the hair off of her belly and her back legs. The vet gave her some "kitty prozac" and she stopped, and never did it again.

    Maybe it's nerves.

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