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    My 14 month yellow lab was recently diagnosed with a salivary cyst on the left side of his neck in the mandible region. It is about the size of a small plum and hard to the touch. My vet gave him antibiotics for a week to see if this will alleviate the situation but surgery was suggested as the next step if this didn't help. However, I am worried as I see reports that this is a risky and expensive surgery and I want to be as informed as possible...should I get a second opinion? Are there other alternatives? Has anyone had experience with this?

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    No experience, and unsure of what the alternatives would be. Definitely start with the meds since it is the least invasive process and only a few days before you will see if it helps. But with anything involving a possibility of surgery, I would always get a 2nd opinion.

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    I just heard that kind of cyst and I'm sorry for what your pup going through. Hope the medication would work perfectly and no need for surgery.
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