6 month old food allergies!
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Thread: 6 month old food allergies!

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    Default6 month old food allergies!

    Lady just turned 6 months old last week, her eyes have been red and runny, sneezing her ears are warm, when she went in to get spayed the vet said it was due to food allergies and to look at the first couple ingredients in her food and try and change them. I was feeding her Purina one large breed puppy and the first ingredients are chicken and rice. So im assuming that is what she is allergic too.I tried putting her on science diet large breed puppy lamb and rice (thinking it was the chicken she was allergic too) and she was still red and itchy..so it must be both! Now after looking at the pet food stores i am finding it nearly impossible to find a large breed puppy food that has neither! I need some help with either brands or alternatives to her food! She needs to stay on a large breed food due to how fast shes growing and her size (60 pounds at 6 months and NOT overweight, just tall!!) any help or suggestions would be great as im at my witts end trying to find some food for my poor girl!!


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    Breed size specific food ---- marketing gimmick!

    First off, a Lab is not a large breed, they are medium. Second, vets are not schooled in nutrition as well as we'd like to give them credit for. My guess based on what you describe is Lady is perhaps allergic to grains, not the protein source of chicken or lamb.

    As well, at 6mos she can now be on an adult formula. Most breeders (who know way more about nutrition than vets do!) switch their pups at 5mos even.

    Purina is a decent brand, not sure if they make a grain free formula. Science Diet is not great for dogs, despite their claims and vet's support (they get kickbacks). You can't go wrong going grain free. My dog went through the same thing and once on grain free all symptoms were gone.

    I feed Acana (made in Canada but avail in US I believe) other popular brands are Fromm or Earthborn Holistics. But whatever you switch to since she seems to have a sensitive system, do it gradually over about 2 weeks until she gets only the new food. Allow her system to settle on that new food for a few weeks -- through this process you may see mushy poops, but they will start to firm up once her system adjusts. Whatever you do, don't play the food game and bounce her around with different foods because that can truly upset an already sensitive system.

    Btw, she's really cute!!

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    Without allergy screening, there is no fool proof way of determining what is causing your dogs allergies. I work with a Veterinary Dermatologist and more often than not, the owners are way off base as to the cause of their dogs allergies. Owner will swear it is chicken and the protein causing the issue is buffalo, must be corn and it is bran, etc. If people can not afford testing, she will have them try either Royal Canin or Science Diet hydrolyzed hypoallergenic food for a minimum of three months with ABSOLUTELY nothing else, no treats. But the majority of her patients also have environmental allergies that require oral antihistamines. Having an allergy dog myself I understand how frustrating allergies can be. Whatever route you take, hope you find relief soon.

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