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    DefaultFlea and Heartworm stuff

    Hello folks,

    Which heartworm and flea preventative do you recommend and why?

    Also, I am considering getting Pet Plan insurance. Any reviews?
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    I use Ivomec which is basically Heartgard. I don't use anything for fleas since I don't have a flea issue.


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    My other dog (15 years ago) took a once a month chewable that was for heartworm, hook worm, round worm, and fleas. Not tics. I don't know it tics weren't a problem in that area then... Anyway, we never had a flea problem. Cochise ran in the woods, fields, played outside...never a flea. Now I know this medicine is still available, even though I don't remember the name because I contacted Cochise's old vet (I've moved since then) and they said it's still available, but now in that part of MI, tics are becoming an issue so they don't reccomend it. Right now Jack takes Heart Gard...and we've been struggling with fleas all summer. I've started a few posts on the issue. I THINK we've got it now...but am not going to say for sure for another couple weeks. Don't want to jinx it...or be too quick to endorse it.

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