Correct Feeding Amount for 6mth Female Lab
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Thread: Correct Feeding Amount for 6mth Female Lab

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    DefaultCorrect Feeding Amount for 6mth Female Lab


    Our 6 month old female lab seems to be very very hungry. I know Labs will eat forever, but she does seem more hungry than usual. When we walk her, she is constantly eating the floor.

    At 6 months, she is 17kg (37lbs) and we are currently feeding her Purina Plus Puppy Chicken, at 300g per day split over 3 meals.

    We are changing the food to the Large Breed Purina Puppy this week when it arrives, but we are worried that we are not feeding enough. Should we be upping the food, and his her weight gain over the 6 months OK??

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

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    From 13 weeks to at least 12 months, we have always fed our Labs 4 cups per day spread over three meals a day. Depending on the activity level of the puppy, sometimes as much as 4.5 cups is fed. I don't know how much 300g is in cups of dog food so I can't say if you are underfeeding her.

    Labs are all about their mouth and nose. It could simply be that your girl is exploring her world. Do you carry treats with you when walking? You could try to get her attention on you and your treat bag instead of the ground.

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    How much you feed is quite dependant on the food and the size of the Lab. Most Labs varying wildly from the standard - either much smaller or much larger. Yours sounds on the small size. What you really need to pay attention to is her body condition. Is she thin (ribs visible, spine easily palpated, hip bones prominant) or are her ribs covered, but easily felt with nice tuck and waistline? If the latter, she is fine. Labs (and many other dogs) would eat until they exploded if permitted.

    By "eating the floor" I assume you mean she is picking things up off the ground. That has nothing to do with hunger. You should work on teaching her a "leave it" command so that you can verbally direct her to not pick up random objects on a walk.

    Lastly - you can convert her over to regular adult food now. She certainly does NOT need large breed puppy food - she is not ever going to be a large dog and Labs are a medium sized breed.
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    Sharon's correct, you shouldn't be feeding a LB puppy food. For one thing you'll find you'll need to increase the amount of the food for your puppy to get enough nutrients from it. You can switch over to an adult food now (not a LB adult food).


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    Most of us in the U.S. feed by the cups, not by the grams. I would feed a 6 month old dog adult food (not Large Breed, ever) and probably about 1 1/2 cups per meal.

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