very very high Leukocyte in my dog, help by replying
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Thread: very very high Leukocyte in my dog, help by replying

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    Defaultvery very high Leukocyte in my dog, help by replying

    Hi, my dog kutty is not well from past 2 weeks, it started by having fever for couple of days, then

    blood vomiting started, we took to the hospital after a course of injections and Glucose both fever

    and vomiting came to control. But yesterday after we took a Blood test, the report showed the

    Leukocyte - 82,800 cells
    RBC - 2.5 mlin/cumm
    Hameoglobin - 7.0 gms%
    PCV - 22%
    which is very very high than normal, and others are very low.
    Though the doctor prescribed some injections daily. The sad part is doctor said not sure whether it

    will be resolved or not.Please is there any way i can do some home remedy for decreasing it leukocyte

    count and bring all to normal level.

    Also should I give her garlic in small quantities will that help?

    Please help by replying, thank you

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    The elevated leukocytes are an indicator of infection. They should come down when the infection is gone.
    Hopefully the injections for the dog are antibiotics?
    I don't know of any home remedy for dogs to fight systemic infections. The dog's immune system is important, but I'm not sure what you can do in the short-term to help the immune system fight the infection.
    I have not heard of garlic being helpful, but hopefully others will comment as well.

    Good luck to you and Kutty.

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    Garlic can be toxic for a dog. I would keep her hydrated and follow the vets instructions. Sounds like she has a major infection of some sort.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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