coconut oil is working for dander
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Thread: coconut oil is working for dander

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    Defaultcoconut oil is working for dander

    Update: Misty has been on coconut oil for 3 weeks as of yesterday. She gets just over a tablespoon a day and loves it. As soon as the dogs hear me open the jar they come running. I have also rubbed it on her skin twice.

    I thought I was noticing fewer flakes and dander so today I did a test by vacuuming. Usually when I am done vacuuming she is covered with dander as a stress reaction (and yes I have tried putting her outside or in the basement and it makes no difference). When I was finished vacuuming I checked her back which would normally be full of dander... today, only a little bit on the tops of her legs! Also seems to be favoring her arthritic leg less, which is supposed to be another benefit of the coconut oil, helps with arthritis.

    This may be the allergy cure I have been searching for since we adopted her. If I can get her dander down to a few flakes that can be wiped off, instead of having her shake flakes all over the house, I know my allergies and asthma will be much better this winter. So, if anyone has a dog with a dandruff/dander problem I recommend trying virgin, raw, cold pressed coconut oil to see if it helps. Available at natural food stores or on Amazon.

    As an added benefit, Misty's coat is silky soft and smooth.

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    Glad it is working for you. Tess goes into a dance frenzy when I touch the coconut oil jar. I try to rub it on her bald spots, but she can't keep still she is so excited she will get some.

    I am not sure it is an allergy cure but have been told it helps. Hasn't helped Tess, but don't know what it is doing so continue to give it to her. Once I dropped some and it landed on her back. I rubbed it in and her coat seemed to glisten. In one of my many "what the heck came over me moments" I decided to rub it all over her. Erns followed her around licking her back.
    I think this was the only time the house didn't have fur balls.....they were all stuck to Tess. lol. Every time she lay on the floor she looked like one of the dog fur rollers that gets fur off your clothes.

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