Bug bite?! Concerned.
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Thread: Bug bite?! Concerned.

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    DefaultBug bite?! Concerned.

    Hello everyone!!

    Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer! Shelby's UTI has mostly cleared up happy to report! On another note; I noticed today this lump on her muzzle area. It's a bit red and raised and slightly hard. Almost like a tiny growth. She has two of the same but smaller a little further back on her muzzle. I habe attacjed two photos one being close up. Could it be a hive? Bug bite? Scab?? It concerned me. I know this is summer and dogs get but bites like we all do from time to time. Just wanted to see if you all thought it required a trip to the vet; she already has an appointment on the 1st to get one last urine check for her UTI. I would happily take her before that. I always worry about skin things being more serious. She spends a normal amount of time outside but I watch her to make sure she doesn't get into anything crazy. She is on flea and tick prevention and I know it is not a tick.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated. I am still a paranoid puppy mama! I also attached one pic before I had to bribe her to sit still for me to take the other pics haha. Thanks all.
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    It does not look extremely dangerously red to me. I always think that if you are in doubt call the vet (or an emergency vet for at night). The calls do not cost you anything and they are able to help you out. However, I would suggest to monitor it for a bit and then decide to call or not.
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    That looks odd, sorry I couldn't think of another word. (The close up pic almost looks like an ulcer to me
    ) You already have an appointment for Wednesday, I can't see much harm in waiting until then to have the vet look at them. Unless she seems to be bothered by them or they get worse and spread, of course.
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    I would keep an eye on it till your appointment. If it starts to look worse or the dog's behavior changes, and she seems sick, take her in early.

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