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    Hey Folks, I just got Strax this week from the rescue, he is about 3 to 4 year old Black slab of luv, I live in Downtown Phoenix, where it VERY hot (100 to 110) and this time of year quite humid as Well, I have been worrying about how this can effect him, we live in a 2 bedroom apt so the only time Strax gets to got outside is during our walks. As my GF and I work swing (I work from home) we have made it a point to walk him in the "cooler" night hours (it is still 80+ and VERY humid) and when I do take him for his short bathroom walks during the day, i try to keep him in the shadier alley ways around my neighborhood. On our longer evening jog (about an hour) I take lots of water and bring a little cup for Strax to make sure he stays hydrated. He seem fine, eats regularly and is the happiest dog I have ever seen. But has I have only had him less than a week, I want to make sure I am doing what is best.
    Any advice?

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    He's adorable. I'm sure you'll get advice from people more knowledgable then me, but I would think if it's "80 + and very humid" an hour jog may be a bit much. I'm no expert, just my thoughts. Glad he found his forever home with you. He does have a big smile for his picture

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    I would not be jogging with a dog you just got who probably does not have a history of much exercise. He needs to build up muscle and stamina. I think you are asking for an injury and he certainly can overheat. A walk in that temp and humidity is not a big deal.

    When the humidity drops off you should slowly build up his stamina and then jogging won't be a problem.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Dallas here and I know all about heat and I also have a black lab. What I do is take cold water with me, not just room temp water. I basically keep it in the fridge and then stick in the freezer for 30 mins before the walk. Cold water drops his core temp very efficiently. Try to keep him off pavement. If AZ is like TX, then the pavement radiates a lot of heat that it soaks through the day. This makes it noticeably hotter below knee level, thus hotter for him. If he stays to the grass off the sidewalk, it'll be a cooler walk for him.

    Watch for overheating signs. If his tail isn't wagging as much or is down lower than usual, along with his head lowered as he's walking, then pay attention. Coupled with heavy drooling it may be a sign of overheating. If this happens, take the cold water that you brought with you and wet down his belly and underside. Belly area is the best way to cool off quickly rather than dumping the water on top of him. Water poured on top will mostly run off and not penetrate while applying cold water to his underside will have a much better effect.

    Personally, over time I've learned various people's watering schedules for automated sprinklers and thus on our walks we usually hit a house that's got sprinklers on. This helps cooling tremendously. This sort of happened, I never went scoping people's sprinklers intentionally. Haha.

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