going to try coconut oil on Misty
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Thread: going to try coconut oil on Misty

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    Defaultgoing to try coconut oil on Misty

    Had to have the air conditioning on for three days and by the end of that time I was using my asthma inhaler. Misty is still dropping dander all over the place despite being on fish oil, sardines, flax seed oil and good food. She is NOT itchy, so it seems to simply be a very dry skin problem.
    I finished reading about the awesome benefits of coconut oil and it was mentioned here as well. Going to try rubbing it on her and giving a small amount in her food. Hoping for a coconut oil miracle before winter comes and the house gets closed up again. Last year I was so desperate by March that I rubbed olive oil all over her just to try to add some moisture. I am sure coconut will be better. I would love to treat her instead of going thru years of allergy shots so this is kind of a last resort. I'll let you know what happens....
    People say "have her live outside or find her a new home so you aren't so miserable" but we really really love her and want to give her a forever home with us.
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