Tupper has a heart murmur, can anyone tell me what they know
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Thread: Tupper has a heart murmur, can anyone tell me what they know

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    DefaultTupper has a heart murmur, can anyone tell me what they know

    I got him from the pound and I know he was neutered after he was surrendered. When I had him in for his yearly visit the vet noted a murmur (left side only) and said we should watch it. A few weeks later he went back for his Lyme booster and it was heard in both side, louder on the right. It wasn't present or not noted in the vet records from when he was neutered. The Cardiology Vet said if it wasn't present then it would be better not to wait to have him checked out. I'm upset because I've never heard of any dog having a murmur and neither has anyone I've spoken to. It would help to hear from any other pet parent.

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    My mom has a Cavalier and she has a heart murmur. She sees a cardiologist and has tests done yearly, she is now 8 and has had it as long as my mom has had her.
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    I had a very small dog with a heart murmur and was told this when she was just a pup. This was many years ago and I don't think in her case it was very severe, but certainly this is something dogs can have.

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    Is this a Lab? If so, you might Google TVD. Not saying this is what you're dealing with, but it could be.


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    I work for a Veterinary Cardiologist and can tell you there are many causes of murmurs, some very serious and some are not. The only way to know is a consult with a Cardiologist that may include an echocardiogram, ECG, blood pressure check and blood work that includes cardiac enzymes. Many heart issues are easily treated with medications, some could require surgical intervention. But many of our clients live long, happy lives with correct treatment. Good luck to you and Tupper.

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