Nala's poop, food and weight.
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Thread: Nala's poop, food and weight.

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    DefaultNala's poop, food and weight.

    So, after telling nalas story of where she came from I was wondering if I could get some advice. We finished her treatment and was doing very well, however we noticed some bright red blood come out on her stool as she finished popping, just a couple of drops. We informed our vet and he said not to worry it was the heartworm medication he gave her.

    Well a week later it's still there a little, I told my vet and he's told me to bring him in a stool sample first thing Monday morning. He suspects parasites. So ok, I will do that. Nala is very happy and plays, she gets tired but she's a pup I think that's pretty normal.

    Anywho, we have switched her to blue buffalo puppy, we are somewhat restricted on base with what we can buy there. I tried to do it gradually however Iist gave done it too fast as now she has liquidy poop. She's eating and drinking normally. Any advice how to help her with this?

    I never met nalas parents, however the breeder told me she was 12 weeks old. So that would make her 14 weeks now and only weighing 22 lbs. she doesn't look too thin, she looks good, shining coat no ribs showing. Maybe she's younger than 14 weeks? Or maybe she will just be small.

    Sorry for the long post. I'm just totally confused. It's been a roller coaster. I just want her healthy! Any tips and advice appreciated! Attached is a better picture, taken today to show her size
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    The blood shows irritation in the bowel. I was never able to get a solid stool with my dogs on Blue Buffalo. I personally don't feel it's that great of a food and obviously it's not the right food for your puppy. Can you get ProPlan there? The best stools for my dogs come on ProPlan foods. I require my puppy owners to feed that food.


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    I will look for proplan! Thanks! If I can't buy it here I may be able to get it shipped to me.

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    Blue Buffalo has been the subject of many members here. I remember reading that it causes loose stool in many dogs, so I have stayed away from it. I use Canidae, and have had good results with it. As far as her weight, a general rule of thumb is about 2 lbs a week, but some pups are just smaller. If she has parasites, it can affect her weight.

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