High PH in urine
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    DefaultHigh PH in urine


    Piper is 10.5 and a recent urine test as part of her annual check-up indicated a higher PH count (9 when I think normal standards are 7). My vet recommended a more detailed urine test and that came back negative for any other bacteria etc.

    She said I could possibly look into changing her food to bring the levels back down. Just wondered if anyone had a similar experience etc or you thoughts on how concerned I should be to reduce the PH levels. My vet didn't sound too worried as we had ruled out an infection.


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    I personally would consider adding a cranberry cap supplement or a chewable vit C (ascorbic acid) to her food daily. High pH encourages bacterial growth and may lead to an infection / UTI.

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    Urine ph varies everyday with different activities and food/water intake but that level is very high, watch out too for evidence of struvite crystals as it may indicate UTI. Always keep him hydrated.

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