I may sound a bit crazy here, but I will do just about anything for my dogs. We lost our lab in April to cancer, and our other dog "Samson" is a rescued Schipperke/Pomeranian cross that I brought home 6.5 years ago from the kill shelter where I volunteered. We think Samson is about 12.5 yo. His last two bloodwork results (one was in January 2013 ish) the other in May, had elevated levels. In January, it was several of the numbers including liver, so we placed him on a Sam-E + milk thistle liver protector. When we did the follow-up bloodwork, all of the levels were back to normal except his Alk phospatase which continued to rise (slightly over the high end--I don't have the paperwork at hand, but it nearly doubled since January.) My vet suspects the onset of Cushing's disease and said that we could do a low dose dex suppression test to see if it is indeed Cushing's (it won't tell us what type it is, but something like 80% is pituitary.) and then go forward.

I have Samson scheduled for the test on July 9. Meanwhile, I am wondering if any of you have experience with dogs with this disease. My vet has told me the common symptoms and I also looked at an extensive list online. Samson has most of the symptoms so I will not be surprised if the test is positive. He is RAVENOUSLY hungry even after a meal. (incidentally he eats Earthborn grain-free--rotate lamb and bison formulas.) He barks at us when we eat our meals, will jump and scratch us if we ignore his constant requests for food. He has the characteristic "pot belly" and he is drinking about 2.5 cups of water a day (not sure if this is excessive for an 18-ish pound dog but it seems like an increase.) I worried a bit about diabetes but the vet tech re-checked his sugar levels when I dropped by this week, and said they were in the normal range.

How I've rambled... my main question is: Do you know if "craziness" accompanies this disease??
I am guessing that it is not out of the realm of possibility if it is a pituitary condition.

For the past several months in addition to the crazy food obsession, Samson has just acted strange. We first attributed it to Jackson's death in April. He didn't want to go for walks (a previously favorite activity) and stopped barking so much--something I always prayed for and now I worry about.

Yesterday I went outside to retrieve something my aunt dropped off. When I came back in, Samson charged the door growling and barking, but he stopped short when he saw it was me--weird behavior for him since I always say his name when I come in through the front door. He has become so demanding when he is hungry that he jumps on me leaving scratches and bruises, also he has recently developed the habit of shaking our bed at 5 or 5:30 AM to wake us and if we don't move, he resorts to barking in our faces. We try to ignore him so we don't "train" him to do these things, however, I have scratches and bruises that show it is not going so well... another favorite is jumping directly on my chest when I am seated in the recliner (talk about pain.)

Thoughts? Ideas? Feedback?

Honestly, we were getting set to bring another dog into our lives, but I want some direction and clarity before I attempt to do that.