When to switch food?
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Thread: When to switch food?

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    DefaultWhen to switch food?

    Hello! I was just wondering when the best time to switch my 36 lb. English yellow lab 5 month old puppy to adult food! She is currently eating 1 3/4 cup twice a day of Wellness Super 5 mix large breed puppy food. I know I've heard some people say at around 5 to 6 months. Any advice? I do have a call into my vet but was just curious as to what you guys did! Thanks!

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    I'd consult my breeder before my vet on food related issues, but most breeders advocate switching around 5-6 months (or a little earlier) to an adult or ALS food.
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    Thanks, I will email my breeder today! I only didn't ask the breeder first because we didn't entirely agree with the food they started her on when we picked her up (Purina Puppy Show) and how much she was getting at 7 weeks old..about 2 cups a day. My vet was horrified when I told her. I know they are a reputable and highly recommended breeder in my area but still..we were a little like" what the..bleep!"?!

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