Enzo : New report with X-rays and after proper daignosis
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Thread: Enzo : New report with X-rays and after proper daignosis

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    DefaultEnzo : New report with X-rays and after proper daignosis

    ok firstly i went to a big govt. hospital today and here is what they said after diagnosis

    firtsly they said his hind legs are weak. Then they said his condition is kinda bad because of the slippery floors
    Then he took some X rays and told me that this is not hip dysplasia as his joints are inside the socket only but it can build in dysplasia if we dont provide him with good management now, which is not going to happen because we are going to provide him with the best....
    Then they said we will have to give him:-

    Injections :-

    b12 sashes which are for joints
    some robotics
    some thing for joint development

    and they bandages his back and said that this will keep his legs joined and joint in place so in 15-20 days when the joint will grow it will grow in such a way that it will fill space inside the socket only..it will not come out...but we will have to change the bandage every 2 days...
    he said 50% chance but i knot it is 100% chance..I have my complete faith that he will be alright and he is progressing every minute.....

    here is the photo of the x ray and him now

    DSC01381.jpg DSC01385.jpg DSC01386.jpg

    here is link which will show you his gait

    enzo - YouTube

    well i know he will not have any problem..will be fine and good!! I will take care of him and he is progressing every minute..

    thank you all for your concern and if any suggestions then plz do tell me

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    I have no suggestions, just wanted to say I love your positive attitude. Best of luck to you and your boy.

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    Oh my goodness. He looks like such a sweet little baby. I hope he feels better soon.

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