Help!! dog Gasping for air
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Thread: Help!! dog Gasping for air

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    ExclamationHelp!! dog Gasping for air

    Hello everyone! I have a year and half old chocolate lab who LOVES to play with her ball.
    No known health problems.
    Normally she will play for about 30 minutes at a time. Whenever she is done her eyes get SO red and her breathing is so fast.. Sometimes, after she comes back inside, it also seems hard for her to get up and walk around.. She will but hangs her head and moves very slow.
    then, to me, it seems like she is gasping for she will cough/ choke. Now my boyfriend thinks its normal and that its just from running around. Ive also mentioned it to his aunt, who is just as crazy and protective as i am about our pets, and she also says it seems normal. She hasnt really ever seen her though after her normal playing time.
    Ive had dogs in the past and I cant recall any of them ever getting like matter how much activity they had.
    After about 20 - 25 minutes of coming back in and laying down her breathing goes back to normal.
    I want to talk to her vet about this,but havent yet because everyone keeps making me feel like its normal.
    I know its hard to understand without seeing how she gets, but has anyone ever experienced anything that sounds like this? And do you think I should just disregard what her daddy says and take her to the vet?
    I love my baby girl so much, and if something could possibly be wrong,obviously id like to know before it gets worse or causes worse damage.
    Thank you

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    Heartworms? Is she on preventative medicine? I know they can cause dogs to "gasp" for air and get out of breath easily. Be worth checking in to. Hope you figure out what is wrong..definitely make a vet appointment. A dog gasping for air is not normal.
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    I'm no expert but it sounds like EIC (Exercise Induced Collapse). Ignore what other people around you are telling you & get her to a vet for a thorough check up.

    There's info on it here:

    Exercise Induced Collapse in Labrador Retrievers

    And a more detailed description:

    EIC Information - CVM - VDL, University of Minnesota

    A Google search will give you heaps more links. Also try searching youtube for any other cases & see if they match what your girl is doing.

    Good luck. Please keep us posted.

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    I don't feel like this is something to be diagnosed on an internet message board. Vet visit for sure.

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    Definately take your dog to a qualified vet. There could be so many things factoring in. This does not sound normal to me however.

    How tall and how much does she weigh?

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    Please take your dog to the vet ASAP.
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    I am wondering about congestive heart failure. Young but it can happen. She really needs to see a Vet and I think if you could video an episode it might help your Vet.

    Dog Congestive Heart Failure Symptoms, Treatments, Causes

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    This is NOT normal and the dog needs to be seen by a vet, rather than a forum.

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    I think it sounds like EIC to. Gee give her a break, she asked and I am sure she will take her dog to a vet. Her boyfriend and Aunt are telling her it is normal, by asking and her own admission she knows she has a concern for her dog. Good on you for getting confirmations of your fears. Please let's us know how you get on.

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    Yes, a vet trip is definitely in order. Good thoughts for your baby.
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