Pinched nerve?
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    DefaultPinched nerve?

    On May 2nd, Jack turned one year old!! He also was limping, whimpering, and whining. Took him to the vet, she had a technical term for it but said it's like a pinched nerve. The problem was not his leg at all, but his neck. Gave him a shot for pain and some pain pills and said try to keep him quiet. He got better, so we thought. Now he'll be OK for a couple days then he'll start limping really bad again. Vet says it'll take time for his neck to be 100%, so when he gets bad we give a pain pill and try to keep him quiet for the next day or so. He's one year old so keeping him quiet is a full time job in itself. I said all that to ask if anyone has had this with their dog? Is it normal for him to still hurt (at least once a week) or is it time to see a new vet? I hate seeing him limp. He's a baby. He should be just running and playing and not hurt

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    I had a similar problem a few years ago with my black Lab. Ronnie (my Pug at that time) chased him under the bed one day. Jo started screaming in pain & it took me ages to get him out. I had to carry him into the car to get him to the vet. Turned out he pinched a nerve in his lower back. Vet gave him the usual pain killers & AI's. After a few days, he wasn't much better so I took him back to the vet. Vet recommended I take him to a dog chiropractor. I was VERY skeptical in fact I asked the vet if he was joking? Turned out he wasn't. This guy worked on Greyhounds so he was pretty respected. He put him on a heat pad, massaged him & gave him some herbal pills. I was suspect about those too but after about 10 days & 2 visits, he was back to normal.

    Maybe it would be an option for your boy if he doesn't get back to normal soon?

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    Poor Jack, bless his heart. I don't have any advice but sending healing thoughts to Jack.
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