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    DefaultCracked Pads - Need Advice

    Hey All. Murphy goes to the beach three times a week to swim with his buddies and dog walker. On the days that he doesn't go I take him to the dog park which has a gravel base with some areas of rocks. I noticed Murphy limping yesterday and was concerned it was his surgically repaired knee. After a thorough look over I found that two of his pads were split / cracked and one of his button pads was also bleeding at the bottom. I immediately cleaned the areas and sprayed them with an antibacterial spray for dogs. In addition I bought a jar of bag balm and have started to coat his pads in hopes to help them heal. He is a big boy (just over 100lbs) but not overweight and is still young (will turn 3 in June) so he is full of energy.

    Does anyone have any more advice? I want to make sure I help him heal quickly so he can go back to his normal exercise and fun park routine. But also I want to prevent it from happening in the future. I thought about trying those booties that can hold gauze with an antibiotic but I know he will just rip the off. Thanks for your help!!

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    maybe applying udderly smooth. its a lotion some farmers put on cow udders but they can be used on dry feet also.
    we get this stuff to use on our hands and it works pretty good. Soft Smooth Skin- get Udderly Smooth Skin
    for helping it heal could you try gauze tapped on then a clean sock tapped around his foot? i did that with my jayson when he tore a toenail and it worked well.



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    We use Bag Balm in our 2 when they have rough, dry paw pads and it works very well. Unfortunately it sounds like your dog will be exposed to the problem often enough that the Bag Balm will not actually protect him. Short of putting booties on his feet to protect them from actually being cut I am not sure what else you could go.
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    Plain old Vaseline works great.
    Java was getting cracked pads in the winter so we bought Butter Balm and Musher's Secret (expensive) and also ended up getting a prescription cream for it.
    None of it worked that well.
    One night I slathered her feet up with Vaseline and it worked incredibly well.
    And it's cheap and non-toxic.

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    Thanks for the advice! I tried an antibacterial spray to make sure the wounds would not get infected and then used bag balm to coat his pads. It seemed to work a bit but still not yet totally healed. I will continue to apply the bag balm and monitor. If I see signs of an infection I will immediately take him to the vet.

    I am curious to see if anyone has any feedback on the booties that they make for paws. I want to be sure that his paws are protected so he can continue his daily beach / park trips. Please let me know if there is any other product that someone can recommend as well.

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