Nutriscan saliva food intolerance test.
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Thread: Nutriscan saliva food intolerance test.

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    DefaultNutriscan saliva food intolerance test.

    Has anyone done it or know anything about it.Welcome to Nutriscan - Dog Food Sensitivity Kit

    We are at a wall with Tess and her yeast and food intolerances so sent one away hoping to find some answers. I have been doing an elimination diet, but it is going to take so long and each time I add something that makes her itch I have to increase the Pred so thought this would be the perfect way to help her. Also confirm it is the foods I think make her itch.

    When I got the test pack it said cost $50.00(US$), then they sent an email saying it was $170.00. (N.Z). I couldn't afford it, but desperate to help my Ma Brown. I decided Dr Jean Dodds wasn't a fly by nighter with a legitimate organisation so paid it.

    The test came back negative. She doesn't have any food intolerances. How could this be? A week before she had rice and itched like crazy. I know rice, potato, sweet pototo egg, and oatmeal which are on the list tested aren't good for yeasty dogs and sure they make her itch.

    Seeing her itch and not able to sleep with constant itching and not being able to help breaks my heart. Many times I have thought she hasn't a good quality of life. This test was my savour. At last I could help my beautiful Tess who spent so much of her life abused by previous owners.

    I am really stumped and sad I can't help her, so emailed 3 times to ask if they could help and never received a reply. Got quick replies when they wanted more money.

    Jean Dodds emailed me. Among other things she is annoyed I challenged her test. All I asked was can you please explain this to me.
    She said my stupidity defies all logic. I was told if a dog hasn't eaten the foods for 4-6 months the result will be negative.
    It doesn't state this anywhere on the web site and Tess has eaten the foods.

    Several emails with Jean trying to confuse me and telling me to feed rice and potato ( I told her several times this makes Tess itch).I told her I no way doubt her or am trying to cause trouble,and believe many dogs have been helped by this testing, but for us it hasn't worked.

    She told me if I now do the first panel the I would get results.

    If I didn't get a result from foods I had been feeding Tess, and told it was because she hadn't had them, then how could we get a result from foods I no longer feed?

    The reason for doing the test as the web site states Nutriscan- Elimination diet.

    Quote from Nutriscan - Elimination diet. Confused? You should be. At the end of the day, food elimination trials create too much anxiety, confusion and huge variables for any dog lover.

    Comparatively, NutriScan identifies the exact food causing your dog’s intolerance in less than two weeks."

    For me I have had more confusion and anxiety from the nurtiscan. I have had better results with elimination and hasn't cost me $170.00.

    I am in no way doubting the testing, or Jean Dodds testing. I think it is wonderful and helps many dogs, but for us it hasn't. Why I do not know, but think there needs to be more on the web site so people can make up their own minds.

    UPDATE. Sadly this gets more and more confusing. I have lost faith in Jean Dodds and the testing

    After Jean said to do panel 1, I reminded her when I asked about why the test was negative and told she hadn't eaten the food for 4 months (she had) then how could testing food she hasn't eaten in a long time help. Wouldn't this test negative.
    Again I was told no. It might not test negative......ummm......

    From me to Jean.I am confused. You said with the negative test. However, once the body no longer ingests an offending food, the bowel surface no longer releases any antibody to it – hence a negative reaction.

    Then you said test if she hasn't eaten the foods you would get a result.

    reply from Jean. This isn’t really complicated—you will still get a reading if she hasn’t eaten a food recently but it will be either negative or weak – i.e. not of clinical consequence.

    My reply.
    So why did you suggest I have it done when it will be negative or weak and not of clinical consequence?
    Should this information be in your web site and the form.

    Jeans reply.Sorry -- I didn’t mean that – I should have said that you may get a reading that is negative or weak if the dog hadn’t eaten those foods recently. I cannot know , only guess, guess about the reactions that might be found until the testing is completed – a misunderstanding here. Often, someone believes that their dog did not eat a food or foods when it was eaten by the meat source animal or fish in the diet that was fed – e.g. millet, quinoa, barley or rice for poultry, and corn or other grain silage for farm animals.

    I have not replied as it is all too silly and for me very unprofessional.

    As I had previously stated many times she had not had kibble, or any sort of meat for many months. I had been feeding fish with rice and potato so really farm animals have nothing to do with it.....UNLESS......the test should pick up intolerances from food feed over many years.. None of it makes sense.

    Also why keep feeding a food you suspect is making your dog itch or sick so you can get a positive test.

    Now if anyone can make sense of this please let me know. Until that time I will continue to believe it is a waste of money and you are better off doing an elimination diet.

    Can I get my $170.00 back.....doubt wonder people do not trusts vets.

    I never expected this post to grow as it has. All I wanted was to help my Tess. It is hard seeing my Ma Brown itch and not have a good life, to struggle to pay her vet bills to give her the best life I can give her. It is hard to have to deal with someone who has taken my hard earned money and tries to justify it. Disappointing....very disappointing.
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