I think Kai is an "innie"
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Thread: I think Kai is an "innie"

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    DefaultI think Kai is an "innie"

    Was scrolling through the forums and found something about innie/outie vulvas in puppies.. which got me thinking, I looked at Kai and it looks like she is an "innie" which now has me concerned. I have noticed very occasionally that she will have a small amount of yellowish discharge from her area, and had planned on monitoring and taking her in to the vet if it got any worse (she does have her 15 week appointment coming up in a week and a half). I've been checking her frequently and keeping the area clean and dry if needed, but I haven't noticed any more discharge lately. The area is not red, not purulent, she is voiding as per her usual (and even just started ringing her bell to go pee outside in the past couple of days!!). I'm not concerned for infection at this point, but given the fact that she is an "innie" I will stay on top of it, and of course bring it up with the vet at her next appointment. My question is this: I read that I should wait to spay her until after she has had her first heat, because that should push her vulva out enough so that urine will not pool in the area. However, is there ever a time during puppyhood that it would normalize on its own before a heat? and if she does not have any issues with infection, is it still that important to wait? I am all for waiting if this is going to prevent a lifetime of chronic infections in the future, but it just got me thinking. I'll have to be really diligent about making sure she is clean and dry until then

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    You don't want to spay her before 18 months anyway for so many other health reasons. She should have had at least one heat cycle by then. I have never heard of this issue correcting before at least one heat cycle. Do NOT let your vet talk you in to an early spay! You can also start giving her cranberry capsules now as a preventative.
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    Generally, if she truly has an innie, they don't correct themselves without going through a season. Those hormones pop that vulva out.

    In's and Out's of Puppy Vulvas


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    I have heard of a few cases where it corrects prior to heat cycle but that is usually because the pup was quite chunky (puppy fat causing the recess) and as the pup grew it corrected. Most cases take a cycle to correct. In some it takes 2 cycles but usually only one.

    I would get her on crancaps as a preventative. And get PH strips to keep track of her urine PH at home to catch a UTI in the early stages.

    What you describe as the discharge sounds more like puppy vaginitis and not related to the RV. A heat cycle should also stop the vaginitis.

    More info here:

    Recessed/Inverted Vulvas and Chronic Infections | Hearty Pet Talkin' Tails Blog

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