advice for my lab's companion dog needed
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Thread: advice for my lab's companion dog needed

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    Defaultadvice for my lab's companion dog needed

    this isn't about a lab so skip it if you want, but I need a bit of advice if possible. Our little mixed breed who we think might be part shar pei and some type of shepherd weighs about 43 lbs. He absolutely detests all dog food. Natural, canned, etc. I can serve him dog food mixed with steak and he will not touch it! I am throwing away a lot of good dog food every meal. Washing his bowl and then serving him the same thing again until he eats does'nt work, he will go for days without eating and it drives me nuts and makes me a nervous wreck. Meanwhile our Lab is just drooling cause she wants to go over to his untouched dish. I would say he had a tooth problem but he will chomp down carrot sticks, or dentabones just fine.
    Here is my idea... I already give them extra protein with their kibble in the form of egg or cooked meat, and they get fish oil and a glucosomine supplement. I was thinking to continue to give our Lab her kibble plus the extra protein but feed him cooked food without any kibble. I have read the available nuitrition stuff, but am not sure exactly what he would need each meal. Tonite he had some ground up round steak (cooked) plain pasta, asparagus and lettuce. He ate like nobodys business and licked his bowl! (only because he detected NO kibble in it). Do I just need to make sure he gets some carbs, protein and veggies?or do I need to give him some type of vitamin supplement if I do this? I know the kibble has the stuff he needs but he absolutely refuses to eat so he is actually not getting the good stuff anyway.
    People might say I am letting him rule the house but it would actually make my life so much less stressful that I don't even care. He was a garbage dog before we rescued him (stray) so I wonder if this has something to do with his eating habits? Other than this he is a happy little cutie guy who loves to play and go for walks and is a good friend to our lab.
    Any advice about feeding him this way would be appreciated.

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    The Google - she is your friend!

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    thanks, I already started looking. Seems like calcium will be my biggest concern so guess I will order some bone meal for dogs.

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