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    DefaultAll Life Stages food?

    Curious if there are any issues with feeding Lab puppy a All Life Stages food -vs- something for Large Breed puppy? I don't really consider Lab large breed but not sure.

    We have our new baby on Earthborn Meadow Feast which she seems to be doing very well on and seems to really like compared to the food she was on when we got her. (Diamonds Natural Large Breed Puppy Lamb/Rice)

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    Plenty of people switch to ALS very early with no ill effects. You just need to watch the label as some of them don't really have the ideal mineral amounts (cal, phos). Large breed puppy typically has less fat and calcium, and I don't think you will have any problems going that route. My breeders line is very stocky and she recommends LBP. Molly is 33lbs right now on regular puppy, and her sister (who is with the breeder) is 37 on who really knows?!

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    Maxx ate ALS food for the first almost 20 months of his life. The important ratios were fine and he did very well on it. Nice slow, even growth, I was extremely pleased with it. I just recently changed to Fromm a few months ago for personal reasons and love it. I had rotated it in occasionaly before and knew he did well on it. Forget the L/B food, labs are not large breed dogs.
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    I have Takoda on an ALS food and he is doing great. Consistently gaining about 2lbs a week. I made sure the protein and cal/phos levels were in line with premium puppy foods. I went with the Als because the ingredients were better IMO then the puppy food.
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