Stools seem very large.
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Thread: Stools seem very large.

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    DefaultStools seem very large.

    Mardi is the eighth dog I have owned and I have never seen this before. Since her terrible diarrhea was cured she has passed a large amount of softly formed, moist stool--so moist it is sometimes difficult to pick up in a poo bag. I am feeding 2 cups per day of Canidae Lamb and Rice for adults (recommended amount 2-3 cups for 25 to 50 pound dogs). Mardi is not having diarrhea but she doe make several very large stools a day. She is so small and I am feeding two cups but the volume of stool amazes me. My previous dogs have been a Dalmatian, a Lab/Cocker, a Sibe/Shepard and 4 Siberian huskies. None had such large stools and I fed the Sibes 3 cups a day of regular Canidae plus some canned food. I feed Mardi a half cup every 6 hours simply because I have to take medication every 6 hours and timing them together helps me remember to take the meds. (I can easily forget the meds but I never forget to feed Mardi.) She has gained about a pound since I got her in early February, now 37 pounds, and my vet has pegged her maximum weight at 42 pounds. Is it possible she isn't absorbing all the nutrients in the food? She is always famished and I think I may introduce plain pumpkin because it may firm up the stool and make her think she is getting more to eat. She continues to eat twigs, worms and bugs, dirt, her own stools (I scoop as fast as I can), grass and anything else she considers edible. I don't walk her in trashy areas but she can find "stuff" on my lawn and inside her fenced acre. I know she was a stray and I believe she had to eat whatever she could find. I do not consider her stools to be diarrhea because they are softly formed and she doesn't seem to have urgency. She has never vomited. She just goes often, sometimes twice on a walk, and the stool is very moist and large, considering her petite size. She is the smallest dog I have owned and she has the largest size and volume of stools. Comments?


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    Might be too much food. Blaise, my younger Lab, is 87# and I feed him 2 cups of Wellness CORE a day. 2 cups of a calorically dense food may be too much for a 37# dog. Could also explain the "softness" as well.
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    *points to her right palm*


    More than likely the food isn't correct for her and she's pooping it out.


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    What Laura said - if the food is not good for her system, she will eliminate what she doesn't use. Not every dog does well on every type of food and on occasion you have to try something different. Try either a different protein, or a different brand. My boys have awful poop on anything but a fish-based, grain-free food.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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