Torn toenail and skin
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Thread: Torn toenail and skin

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    DefaultTorn toenail and skin

    Does anyone have any suggestions on healing the skin on a badly torn toe? I took her to the vet and she was put on an antibiotic and a daily cleaning solution. Tried two collars to get her to leave it alone but she managed to still get to it and just chewed away. Finally got a cone collar the size you would use for a Great Dane and so far she has not gotten to it. Today I took the collar off for less than two minutes and in that time she quickly got to it again and tore the scab off. I know I will just have to always have the collar on but any thoughts for helping it to heal would be appreciated.

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    I just had this problem. My vet cauterized the torn nail and put Munchie on antibiotics.
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    The toenail is gone and the problem is the skin on the toe. She keeps ripping it open.

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