How long to crate?
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Thread: How long to crate?

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    DefaultHow long to crate?

    Sadie loves her crate, she will go into it any time. At night we leave her in the crate when she goes in and we lock the door when we go upstairs to bed. Is this OK? I worry that she is getting too old (18 mos) or that we are creating some issue we don't know about. Our fur-angel never was crated so this is all virgin territory to us.

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    Nope - this is how it's supposed to be. Your dog sees the crate as her space and is happy in there. At some point you may not need to lock the door at night, but she may still sleep in there willingly.
    Sharon, Blaise and Diesel.

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    Maxx was fine at night without the crate door shut by 9 mos but his crate is in our bedroom. I have not shut the door on his crate in a long time but he goes in to it all the time. They are all different.
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    Champ is crated every day from ~5:30 am to ~4:30 pm. As long as they have room to stand up, turn around, and stretch out if they want to, they will be fine.
    Jackie, Champ, and Buddy

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    We crated Rocco at night and while at work till 6 months. He now has full freedom of the house...a freedom he had to earn. He still goes in his crate from time to time but he prefers his bed.

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