cooked garlic?
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Thread: cooked garlic?

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    Defaultcooked garlic?

    I'm looking for.more dog treat recippes and one of them called for garlic. I thought garlic was bad I read the comments. Someone said that fresh garlic is but cooked garlic is not and if your dog eats it(like in a treat) it actually repels ticks and fleas?

    Has anyone heard about this? Is it safe?? Its an
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    It is safe cooked. It does not repel fleas.
    Nellie, CGC
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    My sister in law's chiuahua (sp?) loves my mother in laws spaghetti sauce all the time and there is enough cooked garlic in that to smell for miles. She has never had an issue other than her breath. And she's the type of dog that just loves to give kisses. EWWW!!

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