First Time Lab Owner: How much exercise is enough?
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Thread: First Time Lab Owner: How much exercise is enough?

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    DefaultFirst Time Lab Owner: How much exercise is enough?

    Hi I have a year old Chocolate Lab and I am a first time dog owner. I want to make sure I am giving her enough exercise. I keep her pretty busy but was wondering how you know if you are giving your dog enough exercise and what is to much. My dog is on a pretty busy schedule. She goes to doggy daycare twice a week, goes to the dog park (play fetch) four times a week and structured walks twice a week. She spends one day a week home alone while I am at work. The day she stays home alone we go on a very long structured walk at the end of the day. We do little training sessions once a day as well.

    Is that adequate? She is super tired after daycare but seems regular after the dog park. How do you know when she got enough exercise?


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    I just wanted to commend you for doing such a great job and being a first time dog owner. Personally he seems to be getting enough exercise. If he isn't chewing your couch and ripping things out of boredom you are on the right track. I'll let others reply as I am just going by my own personal experiences with my dogs. Keep it up.
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    It varies dog by dog even within a breed so there is no one answer to your question. But from what you describe your pup is getting fairly high level of exercise, which is good.

    You want the dog to get their "crazie's out" so they can be calm in the house. But at the same time, some dogs will go until they die so they need to "learn" to calm down, learn that some times they need to learn to be content doing nothing exiting.

    And I think the important is to work up to a certain level (not go from no exercise to an hour hard core per day) and keep a constant routine (i.e. not one crazy outing per two weeks - bad for their body to be sedentary many days then sudden crazy intense exercise).

    You don't necessarily want the dog exausted and passed out each day after exericse, that would probably be too much. So leaving the dog park "normal" is fine.
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