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    I noticed flakes on my puppy last week. I feed him Purina Pro Plan for puppies, im not sure if that is what would cause it or just the dry air. I was wondering if it would be okay if i gave him fish oil pills, hes only 9 weeks old so i wasnt sure. I have read that you can but i wasnt sure if it was alright with younger dogs too

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    One common cause of puppy dandruff is being in a home with heated air that's not moisturized.

    If you're living in rented quarters that has heat but no moisturizing, you might consider getting a console humidifier in the $125-200 range new -- probably half that price or less at used furniture/equipment stores. Look for one that has at least a nine gallon capacity (even 14 gal. isn't too big) and those sizes will help last from 12-24 hours. Anything smaller is not likely to be effective except in one small room. Keeping a breeze box or two on low speed can help circulate the air through several rooms and also aid hot air systems to pick it up for broader recirculation. If you're paying the heating bill, you'll almost certainly find that a lower temperature is quite comfortable when the air is sufficiently moisturized. That'll save you money on your heating bills in the long run, too.

    If you own your own home and it has hot air heat, you may be able to have a heating contractor install one in your furnace so you never have to fill jugs of water daily -- probably for under $400. I had one installed in a former home and also in an office suite I had. Marvelous comfort aid for humans and animals. But in the home I presently own (& will shortly sell and move) the furnace location and walls made it impossible to add without costly remodeling so I got a console humidifier and keep daily filling the damn necessary water containers. IMO, small humidifiers holding only several gallons or less, are only useful for small, closed rooms and they need frequent daily refills. Don't waste your money.

    If your heated air IS adequately moisturized and your pup has dandruff, one other possibility comes from bathing your pup with a wrong shampoo -- such as ANY shampoo for HUMAN babies or adults. Those are NOT meant for dogs. Such shampoos designed for human skins, no matter how much they say "gentle" and "mild," are FAR more acidic than dog skin so they'll be VERY irritating to dog skin. Solution? DON'T SHAMPOO A PUPPY OR DOG WITH ANY THING OTHER THAN ONE SPECIFICALLY FORMULATED FOR DOGS & PUPPIES.

    I don't know about the wisdom of fish oil capsules for little puppies.

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    Very good advice above. A little dandruff is not a serious concern and you may see it as coat changes, seasons change, stress. One of my cats sheds hair and dandruff like she's going bald as soon as she gets in the car to go to the Vet and the minute we get back home it all stops. Similar stress inducers, like having just moved to a new home, can do the same for a dog.

    What does your breeder advise?

    My puppy did have very slight dandruff, it did increase as his coat changed, I do have him on EFA now but I waited till he was year old to put him on it and I did talk to my breeder and my Vet.

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    I agree, when Hamilton developed really bad flakes (like he had just been out in the snow), I took him to the vet who said to add fish oil to his diet and increase his brushings. It worked and except for change of season flaking, his dandruff is under control.
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